Material-X design system Figma/Angular UI kit

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Material-X design system Figma/Angular UI kit

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1100+ Figma components & advanced Angular UI library beyond Material Design. Powered by top-notch shapes and Manrope font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit. Easy to change fonts and swap colors, both in Figma and Angular. Modify and reuse the templates to save time and human resources. Suit your mobile or desktop app with detailed patterns and styled-components from the nearest future.

Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, lists, and other UI items along with every new project started. Use our library to have on hand everything you need to design better and faster.

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🧩 Design in Figma with pixel-perfect components with variants

We created a special version of Setproduct Material X Figma UI kit, which offers tons of components in different sizes and styles.
Design and features of Figma components are equal to Angular components, which helps your designers and developers to stay in sync.

Design resources are available as Figma file — publish it within your team library or copy file for each new project.

🧑‍💻 Code with native Angular components

The Angular components are based on a modified version of popular and powerful open-source Taiga UI components library. We supply components with the comprehensive documentation, examples and full source code.

Angular components are available as NPM packages and full source code (via private Github repo). After the purchase, send us your Github email(s) and within 1 business day you'll get full access to the source code, NPM packages, ability to submit issues and even pull requests.

✅ Safe choice for the future

We can offer you a basic support, bug fixes on request, but you can also utilize resources provided by large Taiga UI community. Also, you’re free to branch off at any point, and turn our product into your own corporate components library with all the powerful components without spending months on creating it from scratch.

🤝 We can help you

Our team offer custom design and development services. We can create an app or a website for you using Material X bundle. Contact us to have a pre-project discussion.

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What's included:

Figma UI kit
Angular components (9-14+)
Angular docs and examples
Source code (via request)
NPM packages (via request)
50.3 MB
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